Legend, King, Master of all.

If you complete a Hard task or test, Upon completion you would celebrate with a "Pangus"
"How did that test go ?"

"Easy, I was a Total Pangus"


"That exam was Impossible, I'd have to be a Pangus to have Passed it!"
by Paul is ace August 24, 2007
Another word for 'penis', like angus for 'anus'.
Person: Hey, bitch. How about you jack off my pangus for some pizza? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by AquaRock720 November 27, 2017
Pangus is an updated term for corn hole or bags. Created as an attempt to end a classic midwestern debate.
by Jwh1097 September 14, 2019
Looks like a sumo. But none of it is muscle. It’s just fat. A literal ball of fat that can walk but prefers to sit literally anywhere.
by Yumcha July 9, 2018