a known femboy pimp in the world of swcw, and promiment politica figure in the "swcw" sexuality and religion
"wow @just pandu has so many femboys, really impressive collection."
by bwompppp November 4, 2021
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Pandu is a simple guy that will said "god will always be with relaxed people". He is a easy going peps with no much care about school homework, sometimes he would turned in late with happy smile on his face :)

He had so many experience with girl, u can get all alphabet by seeing his girl's Initials.

That's all, overall he is funny peps with much caring to his friends or other people.
Pandu F is stronger than jet li
by Vuera November 22, 2021
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Telugu for fruit , can also be used to call someone you love.
by Apklensjaff February 26, 2022
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Pandu is a common name in Javanese and India. It was taken from Mahabharata story. Pandu naturally is a leader. Person who has smart, and wiseman. He also kind person and never left his friend.
Thank you for the directions, you're the good leader for us sir Pandu.
by Raden Arjuna November 23, 2021
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