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When a girl wearing mascara has a shower and it causes her eyes to look dark like a Panda.
Coming out of the shower,
Marina "Oh my god my mascara ran, I have Panda eyes."
Alice "Ha Ha, me too"
by DantheFrog August 18, 2011
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a coolidiculous term for a white male who has black make-up around his eyes, thus resembling a panda.
if your gf turns you into a panda-eyes f-sag, just laugh it off, and let her a bit of fun.
by sexydimma September 08, 2014
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Someone who has had a lack of sleep, resulting in dark circles under their eyes.

Someone who, as a result of too much marajuana, has dark circles under their eyes
1. James was so tired, after only 2hours sleep last night, he has panda eyes.

2. Dude, how stoned are you, you have massive panda eyes
by Mil0 May 15, 2007
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Obtained from sitting in the sun whilst wearing sun glasses. The sun glasses protect the eye socket area from the sun, whilst tanning the uncovered parts of the face. This results in an unbalanced tan, "Panda Eyes"
Gabor was sitting on the sun drenched beach wearing his sun glasses for many hours, when he returned home and removed his glasses he was concerned by the white rings around his eyes, he said "Oh my, I have Panda Eyes"
by joninho May 26, 2009
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It is pedophile slang for child sodomy. When a child is forcly sodomized, it’s eyes can welt to black circles due to the blunt trauma involved, making their eyes look like that of a pandas. There’s apparel selling online that says “panda eyes” on it for the pedo community, as well as many pedophiles joking about this online with each other, talking about kids. There’s many innocent symbols and codes they use to reference their deviant perversions like pizza (little girl lover) and hotdogs (little boy lover) pandas are one of their symbols. Believe it or not. #cumpanda is often seen on pedo social media accounts when referencing pandas and children
I gave many boys panda eyes #cumpanda
via giphy
by truther93 July 09, 2018
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When one punches both eyes of another person and gives the victim 2 black eyes; causing the victim to have a strong facial resemblance of the panda.
I caught my girl cheating on me, so I grabbed sancho and beat the living hell out of him, and finished by knocking him out by punching the spleen, sprinkling birdseed and honey all over him, dragging his naked body onto a crowded street before finishing off his punk arse with a nice set of panda eyes. That'll teach him not to cheat again.
by EdWaRdW818 September 19, 2007
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