When a girl wearing mascara has a shower and it causes her eyes to look dark like a Panda.
Coming out of the shower,
Marina "Oh my god my mascara ran, I have Panda eyes."
Alice "Ha Ha, me too"
by DantheFrog August 18, 2011
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When someone has a dark shade around their eyes.

Example: When someone hasn't sleep, or when a girl with mascara showers.
He's been working so hard he's got panda eyes!
by Potato.Exe July 17, 2020
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Obtained from sitting in the sun whilst wearing sun glasses. The sun glasses protect the eye socket area from the sun, whilst tanning the uncovered parts of the face. This results in an unbalanced tan, "Panda Eyes"
Gabor was sitting on the sun drenched beach wearing his sun glasses for many hours, when he returned home and removed his glasses he was concerned by the white rings around his eyes, he said "Oh my, I have Panda Eyes"
by joninho May 26, 2009
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In the midst of a ferocious blow job, the male member can spontaneously wang to one side and out of alignment with the oral oriface. This is problematic since, through simple physical mechanisms, the most common destination of the wanging willy is the concavity of the blow job giver's eye socket. The result is almost universally a black eye. Panda Eyes are achieved when the owner of the wanging willy deliberately wangs towards the other eye socket in a quest for bilateral symmetry!

Verb form - to pandarise
Margot saved on eye makeup after persuading the local butcher to give her Panda Eyes.

Alice: Go easy on my mouth!
Bob: Take it... take it
Alice: Ow... my eye!
Bob: Yeehaw.. ooo yeah
Alice: Oh nooo, my other eye!
Bob: That's right baby

Upon her return home from the local alcoholics anonymous group, Sybil was taken aside by Percival and pandarised.
by pale fire August 22, 2008
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Dubstep musician from Switzerland. Panda eyes left Disciple Recordings, (a big dubstep label) in 2018, because of his auto-immune disease.
P1: whats your favorite song?
p2: Triforce by Panda Eyes, Barely Alive, and Virtual Riot
P1: Cool! i love that song!
by MisterEyeballMusic January 5, 2021
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Someone who has had a lack of sleep, resulting in dark circles under their eyes.

Someone who, as a result of too much marajuana, has dark circles under their eyes
1. James was so tired, after only 2hours sleep last night, he has panda eyes.

2. Dude, how stoned are you, you have massive panda eyes
by Mil0 May 16, 2007
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work-a-holic. Someone who has a lack of sleep from working too much.
He works so much, he's got panda eyes
by Kate Hodge January 29, 2006
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