a method to dampen loud orgamsic screams during sex.

When you place you place the palm of your hand on your girlfriends mouth to keep her loud orgasmic screams down so that no one can hear her in the other dorm rooms!
Dude one: "boring night?" Dude two: "no man got laid!" Dude one: "I didn't hear a thing?" Dude two: "ya nasty loud, I thought nothing could dampen her enthusiasm, I had to use some palm muting to keep it down!" Dude one: "awesome!"
by Sambiase January 10, 2014
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The act of damping the guitar stings with the pinky finger's palm area this technique gives rock music's rockiness
Hey bro try palm muting that riff

Palm mutes it

Yeah now we talking bitch
by The one who rocks November 27, 2020
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Palm mute is one of techniques of playing guitar and is mostly used on electric guitars in metal or hardcore. How does it work? When you mute the strings with your palm so it makes a deeper tone. When its correctly used and correctly combined with the other instruments, it can be compared to PURE HEAVINESS. You basically can't write a breakdown without palm mutes.
Hey bro, just learned how to palm mute.
Holy cow, let's bring that to a good use in a new song rn!
by Kian.calls.me.Tommy March 25, 2022
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palm muting is commenly know to guitarist as a tecnique used in playing, but here is the true definition it is when a person unsupecting after talking shit is slapped directly in the mouth with the palm first.10 point bounus for making them cry 15 point bonus for knocking out a tooth 20 point bonus plus bragging rights for knocking them out!
bill came over talked a little bit of shit and i had to do some palm muting on his ass.
by GROVESTOWN June 21, 2006
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