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it is when a girl gets in a doggy style position then you get her in place with arms wrapped tight aruond her waist then you tell her,her mom fucks better then she does and try to hold on for 8 seconds
i broke up with this girl by giving her the fucking rodeo
by GROVESTOWN June 8, 2006
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palm muting is commenly know to guitarist as a tecnique used in playing, but here is the true definition it is when a person unsupecting after talking shit is slapped directly in the mouth with the palm first.10 point bounus for making them cry 15 point bonus for knocking out a tooth 20 point bonus plus bragging rights for knocking them out!
bill came over talked a little bit of shit and i had to do some palm muting on his ass.
by GROVESTOWN June 20, 2006
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to become excessively loud,rude or impolite for small or bull shit reasons,or as one says "making a mountain out of a mole hill"
"sir its only a straw,please stop your niggerizm"
by GROVESTOWN June 8, 2006
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the act in which two men start by getting on their backs,then proceed to get butt to butt, literally so close that these two guys are touching dicks side by side.
thus making it one dick like an "entity".
now the third person male or female now comes into play,then insert both dicks at the same time into the ass or puss.now once on and in position using your hands grabbing the ankles of the other two thus the "buissness chair" is born now "swivel" yourself about till climax is acheived.
tom asked if he would like to his buisness chair in action.
by GROVESTOWN June 8, 2006
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