The Palladium

An all ages venue in Worcester, MA.
All shows are general admission (no assigned seating).
Books mostly alternative music artists.

2 stages;
the balcony (smaller stage)
downstairs (larger stage)

hxc kid 1: Did you see that 'A Day To Remember' is touring?
hxc kid 2: We HAVE to go see them at the Palladium.
by Chelsea Challenge March 11, 2009
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The elusive, rare, and extremely valuable 46th element, with the symbol Pd. Palladium is resistant to many forms of corrosion, whether it be physical, or chemical. It is also a hypoallergenic metal, which makes it perfect for making jewelry with sky-high prices. In addition to being tough, Palladium metal is often used to plate fuel cells because of its catalytic properties. Palladium got its name from the asteroid called "Pallas", which in turn, was also named after one of the Gigantes, Pallas, who was slain by Athena in Greek Mythology.
Person 1: I plated the catalytic converter in my car with Palladium, and bought my wife some jewelry made with the same stuff.
Person 2: How broke are you now?
Person 1: Yes
by CHNOPS July 9, 2020
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A gambling hole, where various people with nothing in their lives,and no skill except "getting jackpot on a pound" Usually inhabited by various addicts, and mostly teenager. You can also find the common fligmunch here.
"mate coming down the palladium"
"I got a jackpot last night down the palladium, pound in, 50 out!"
by mafu April 20, 2005
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