Teenage Palisadian:
A resident of Pacific Palisades, an upscale community near Santa Monica. In particular, teenage Palisadians have a tendency to follow every trend blindly as it arises, from the "emo" trend to the "skater" trend to today's wigger trend. Most teenage boys play either water polo, lacrosse, soccer, or volleyball and sport either a mediocre tan or horrible freckles along with blonde hair from overexposure to the sun and chlorine. The pasttime of any one of these boys is to drink and smoke marijuana, party, go to another coastal town such as malibu, or any combination of the three, and more often than not, all three. Parties tend to be full of uninvited guests, slutty Palisadian girls, and stoner/jock boys, all of whom are either drunk, stoned, or both. At such parties, drama is bound to unfold from one teenage trifle or another; more often than not, someone will start a fight, pass out from intoxication, or do something to merit the cops being called. The result is person-to-person chatter that spreads the story around until everyone in the town knows it. When a Palisadian teenager dies from an alcohol related incident, such as DUI, the other teenagers mourn the passing as if an accident like that wasn't going to happen.
However, frightening realities such as death aren't enough to deter these children from their fun, so their fate is left to natural selection in hopes that the weak will be seeded out.
If one seeks to find a stereotype of a typical rich white boy or girl, then one need look no farther than Pacific Palisades
A typical conversation between Palisadian boys the day after a party:
Prima: "Oh dude how crazy was the party last night?"
Secunda: "Oh shit dude, I was so wasted."
Prima: "I know dude, oh man you were so beast at beer pong."
Secunda: "Oh yeah totally. Oh dude did you see (girl) last night?"
Prima: "Oh shit, yeah dude, she was so hot."
Secunda: "Yeah I know dude, she was totally wasted, and so she walked over to me and like, I totally hooked up with her."
Prima: "Ohhhh shiiiiiit."
Secunda: "I know, right dude? It was so crazy."
(Voices are "whispered" yet still loud enough to be audible to anyone nearby)
by Everyone sucks but me! January 26, 2009
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a really cool person who lives in the rich and manicured community of Pacific Palisades in los angeles. it is home to many celebrities and everyone in the palisades is hot, and sometimes people from the valley or other destitute places say mean things about pacific palisades, but really they are jealous, and everyone knows it, even they know it, so really when someone says something bad about the palisades, its a compliment because we know that they would do anything to live here.
that palisadian is hot
by god almighty April 21, 2005
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one of the luckiest people in the world: a resident of Pacific Palisades, CA.

How to spot a palisadian:
Under 13 years: Wearing true religions, lacoste polo, blond hair, thin, carrying a Robeks smoothie
Between 13 and 18 years: If male, skateboarding with surfer-longhair. Most likely weed in the back pocket. Probably hanging on the village green, attending Pali high or marymount, loyola, harvard-westlake, or windward. If female: fresh manicure, hair blow-dry, clothes from Fred Segal, blond, beautiful.
Adult: Blond, beautiful, wearing yoga clothes, freshly done hair and nails, pushing high-end baby stroller
"Have you seen those Palisadian moms?"
"Yeah, I'm taking Nancy to prom."

by localllllllll November 27, 2007
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An adjective used to describe when rich kids from the pacific palisades complete poor people with disregard.
Dude, you just hit that poor guy, thats so palisadian of you.
by rob December 2, 2004
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Degenerated wealthy Angelinos who think they're gangsters for vaping in the bathrooms of their private schools
Synonym: Pali kids
"Man, fuck them Palisadians"
by WhoTheFuckTookSonOfRutger? January 14, 2021
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