A man who is (a) physically large, much like the 4WD Mitsubishi Pajero and (b) who is a total wanker.

Characteristics of a pajero include lots of interior empty space and loud noise.
In Spanish, a 'pajero' means a wanker. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pajero.
by fortissime January 19, 2011
A master of being a pajero. Chronic Masturbater. One who wrestles with the chicken too much and becomes skilled in doing so. Pa-Je-Ro.
Oscar- Hey Ariel, stop being a pajero master!!
by Ariel Caceres January 21, 2010
A type of 4x4 vehicle for those who wish they owned a much more manly vehicle. Such as a Nissan Patrol or even if they are more inclined to the transgender side; a Toyota Landcruiser
Wow I almost bought a Mitsubishi Pajero but then I remembered I had testicles.
Someone who is putting tabasco into everything
1: Do you want tabasco with that schnitzel?

2: No thanks, I’m not Pajero.
by Brdnc March 8, 2019
A Honduran term used to call a man a liar. This word comes from Paja which means lie. Use Pajera for women.
"Que pajero sos vos maje", "Mira compa que ese loco es un pajero",
by castellano November 15, 2018