What someone experiences when reading some guy’s definition of how much he resents his ex-wife!

Real pain and suffering is what you go though when someone you love dies a horrible and untimely death for example. And when you lose the ability to work or live a normal life because your pain, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental is so great that you cannot function.
Hank drank whiskey to ease the pain and suffering he felt after he lost the person he loved most in life.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
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What a man experiances when he's married. Only curable by getting divorced.
Example 1) Bob: Hey guess what?....Laura and I are getting married! Tom: What the fuck is wrong with you dumbass? Why the hell would you want all that Pain and Suffering? Kiss your life goodbye you fuckin tard.

Example 2) Laura: Bob asked me to marry him, and I said yes. As soon as the honeymoon is over, my pussy is off limits to him and I'm going to put that stupid motherfucker thru more Pain and Suffering that he could ever imagine. Then I'll divorce him and take all his fuckin money.

Example 3) Bob: Laura won't let me go out with you guys tonight. Tom: I told you too not marry that ball and chain you dipshit. How do like the pain and suffering?
by Floss 69 January 22, 2006
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by french main November 17, 2020
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