A guy who want to have sex with a girl but he´s such a nerd that the girl consider him as a friend and nothing more.
Robert is always behind that girl, but he is only paying her Fanta´s and not flirting. What a Pagafantas.
by lemonk February 21, 2010
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A person who do anything for them crush. Anything.///// Una persona que hará lo que sea por su amor platónico
Pagafantas's crush: Uh, it's so hot here ...
Pagafantas person: *buying a fan* LET ME HELP.


El amor platónico del/de la pagafantas: Uh, hace calor aquí...
Pagafantas: *comprando un ventilador* DÉJAME AYUDARTE.
by Stan red velvet. And loona. September 22, 2019
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a person who has sex with a girl once but wants more of it from that girl until she gets unhappy.
Oh, you are such a pagafanta!
by thecharacterwannie August 13, 2023
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