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An abbreviated form of padonkadonk or badonkadonk. A nice round bubble butt varying in size and curvature. It can also refer to the sound and/or motion of a boucing booty.
Damn, did you see the padonk on her?! Or...
Must be jelly cuz jam don't padonk like that!
by davidrh1 January 16, 2006
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Padonk refers to the sound made when a heavy, meaty shit drops from ones anus and makes contact with the toilet water situated below.

The 'pa' is the sound of the initial shit-to-water impact where the 'donk' is the heavy sound of the full turd following through.

One must be cautious if they hear the 'Padonk', as it can follow with a splash of cold water into the anus or surrounding area.
Dude, your Padonk was so loud, it warned me to prepare myself for the stench that followed...
by Meat Kleavers August 31, 2010
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