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A sub species of vampire created when dracula sucked the dick of a monkey infected with aids. The species must now survive by sucking blood from dicks. It is thought that count cockula is the last of this species due to the all gay male population.
Be careful when being offered a blow job for crack at night, you may very well be talking to a fagotus vampirus.
by guywhotypeslow December 25, 2009

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A virtual smoking circle.

when two or more people chatting online are smoking weed as tho they are in a real smoking circle, this is done by hitting a bowl they have loaded and saying "puff puff pass" to signify that you have hit it the pipe and are passing it to the next in rotation. Each person involved would wait thier turn to hit there own loaded bowl and say "puff puff pass" after having done so until all but one persons pipe is gone.

*While thic could be done with things other then pipes, such as a bong or other device, it would not be recommended you try this with anything rolled because it will be wasted, while you wait for your turn.
1: Hey wanna have a virtual circle?
2: hell yes
3: puff puff pass...
1: puff puff pass...
2: puff puff pass...
3: puff puff pass...
by guywhotypeslow December 25, 2009

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I guess you could call it another way of saying badonkadonk, but really its someones hilarioulsy embarrassing mistake.
1."talk about a padonk padonk"
2."lmao, wtf are you talking about?"
1."jees cracker its a fine ass"
2."right, im the cracker, lmao, its badonkadonk re re"
1."oh..." :/
by guywhotypeslow December 27, 2009

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an ejaculation that was achieved without paying for porn.
Dude you should check out this new web site i found, it makes for loads of freejaculation.
by guywhotypeslow December 23, 2009

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A combination of wading and waddling, it is what obese people do instead of wading through water.
To get to the other side of the pool, the morbidly obese person had to wadle.
by guywhotypeslow December 24, 2009

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An alternative to the average rotation in a smoking cirlcle. A slowtation is a rotation that is moving much slower, either on perpose to conserve, or because certain people wont stop camping.
Hey, this is my last bowl, lets make this a slowtation.

Dude, stop camping on that pipe before this becomes a slowtation.
by guywhotypeslow December 23, 2009

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