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PYN is commonly known as the abbreviation for 'Post Your Name'

This phrase is often used on social networking sites, specifically blogs when the author wishes for their readership to comment their username, usually for some form of competition or rating.
Blogger: PYN for a rating out of 10.

{User 1}: Sasha
{User 2}: Jeremy
by GibboSparks September 02, 2012
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a beautiful girl who every boys likes and wishes to date her. She is a super smart girl and an incredible gymnast and dancer.
Daniel: Who is this Pyn you keep talking about?
Me: the prettiest and most talented girl I have ever met
by Becca Greenfield June 02, 2018
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a smart girl who is really loyal to her friends. a talented dancer and learner. Boys are always into her and everyone wants to be her friend. She is also a really talented gymnast as well as a runner. She is really popular and pretty beautiful in every way she could.
molly ( her best friend) -have you heard of pyn?
me -yeah is she the really talented and beautiful girl.
by Lily Tomson May 29, 2018
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