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Post Traumatic Debate Disorder, When someone is afraid to watch a debate because the last one was so painful to watch.
I almost didn't watch the VP Debate last night because I suffer from PTDD.
by CMLora October 12, 2012
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Post Traumatic Dick Disorder, when you have a bad experience such as puking on a guy during a bj, and having bad gag reflexes and not being able to give head or have a dick near your face without flashbacks of the previous event.
"I tried to give Henry head but I had PTDD from the time I threw up on Chris's dick."
by Cjayebrosjg November 27, 2015
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Periodic Temporary Displacement Disorder.
Cases will involve forgeting key facts about situations you don't want to be in. Studies have shown that 98.7% of working Americans suffer from PTDD durring their working hours.
Jill: We already did that file last week, don't you remember?

Bill: Oh shit, sorry, it's the PTDD again.

Jill: Damn Bill!!! Thats the seventh time this week and it's Tuesday!
by da_king101 March 29, 2009
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