To PTB, is to "Pass the Buck". In other words, it's to delegate a task to another employee or department, when the said task has already been delegated to you, by another employee or department. It is meant to be used on a particular person when they are found to re-delegate tasks frequently.
Darren asked Dan to call everyone in the office to find out who was attending the lunch bbq, Dan PTB'd to Shaun, and Shaun had to call everyone.

When Bill delegated a task to his own supervisor, he was crowned the PTB king.
by cosyc May 05, 2006
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Puro Tango Blast. (Pure city blast) not reppin a gang but your city. your area code. the different cities may have their own mascots and names as well. Califas for california, Foros and Foritos for Fort Worth, TX. reppin that Pitbull!
"we dont set trip we puttin it down for the 817. foros P.T.B.!"
by j.m.m. 783465 February 28, 2008
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Pat the Bun. A way to say LOL, but when you really mean you are laughing out loud and not just using it as a filler as lol has come to be used as. When something is so funny you have you pat the bun from uncontrollable laughter.
Did you see that snuggie commercial? PTB!
by Zeddie91 November 30, 2010
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Short for "Pump The Brakes." An forceful invitation to stop talking/shouting/getting excited/doing whatever you're doing (often sexually related) and calm down.
example 1: "After what I saw happen to Sierra on that rooftop, I just had to tell them to PTB. I mean, I know they were drunk and all, but seriously it was just gross."

example 2:

"gay guy - …then we got to my house, he took his clothes off so fast and his ripped-ass body was, like, yummy, …
straight guy - … //panicks// Oooookkkkkaaaaayyy…
gay guy - then we sprinted to my roommate's bedroom, I knelt down…
straight guy - Okay just PTB, man! PPPPPPPTB right now!"

example 3:
"- I am moving to Mexico in a month!
- OK, why don't you PTB first."
by JustPTB March 14, 2011
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The Powers That Be, i.e., those in positions of authority.
He applied for a liquor license, but the PTB didn't want the club gettin' too popular, so they turned him down.
by Mark Dixon August 11, 2004
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I was on a date with my gf when I glanced down and realized that I had a PTB
by Sh*tsticks October 10, 2018
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