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Pointless stupid assessment test. A test on which the government of Pennsylvania requires all students to achieve a proficient score. Since some stupids are bad at standardized tests, they are placed in "academic skills" courses. The even put the scores on your college transcript.
I have the impossible PSSA test next week.
by 5'1"Racer February 13, 2005
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A standardized test that students of Pennsylvania 3rd-8th grade are forced to take. Everyone dreads taking this test, it defines your intelligence for the year. Nobody asked for this test, nobody wants to take it, nobody enjoys it.
Girl: Lmao i gotta take the PSSAs next week

Boy: O shit me too im gonna die
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by gooddog.hub May 21, 2018
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The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) is a standardized test administered to public schools in the state of Pennsylvania. Students in grades 3-8 are assessed in English language arts skills and mathematics.
I take the PSSA
by Tommy6606 March 31, 2017
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Pensilvania System of School Assessment. Test booklets in various classes(English Language,Math,Science,etc.). Authorized by the state government for all students to take the assessment.
PSSAs are in two weeks
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by WolfGamerGirl33 April 10, 2019
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Pimp Skitters Something Awful. To have an incredibly bad case of the Pimp Skitters (i.e. the runs). So bad in fact that it feels like some horrible creature is escaping your body in a violent manner.
Man, I dont' think you should eat the frito pie and banana pudding... it will give you PSSA for sure.
by Bob G July 31, 2006
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