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PSO2 is short for Phantasy Star Online 2, the most recent, free-to-play Japanese MMO created by Sega.

The game, as all previous games of the Phantasy Star series have done so in the past, is being updated weakly from weekly maintenance, as new content is usually fresh. It is similar to other popular MMO's as it is, 'grindy', somewhat sluggish, and a matter of time consumption to gain levels. PSO2 seems to be most popular in Japan, and North & South America. However, people from all around the world play the game, regardless of Sega's refusals to localize the game, as well as the ToS (Terms of Service) specifically claiming non-JP IP's are not to be playing their game. It has been noted that Sega was at first lethally active at removing foreign players, but now has the 'rule' mostly relaxed. Sega still seems to occasionally ban foreign players. It is clear that Sega favors the Japanese players in favor of certain rules, as this is who they purely cater to, in the original release of the game.

You may download PSO2 from

"Hey, have you tried out PSO2 yet?"
by brelovPS January 28, 2014
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