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1) Public relations

2) puerto rican

3) personal record

4) pic related; in a post, with a relativly large added 'story' no-one would read this, unless you have an image, if related; PR, if non related; PNR. If non related the picture was just added to draw readers
1) Jennifer works public relations for McDonalds

2) Look at Jose, drunk as hell, what a pr!

3) I beated my pr dude! 3 seconds faster than last time!

4) I got my foot stuck in a sewer, pr.
by GraingerIV February 23, 2009

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1. Talking under influence of ecstacy, telling people things you don't want them to hear, or don't mean.

2. Emo(tional) talk, constantly talking about your emotions, whether anyone wants to hear it or not.

3. Electronic talk, nerdtalk, bragging about the latest additions to their computer/drooling over electronic stuff the want added to their own collection in public.
1. "When I said I was glad your mother finally died, it wasn't me, I was e-talking"

2. "Damn, I was on a date with this scenekid, lateron I noticed she was an emo. Flooding me with her pathetic e-talking!"

3. "Look at those nerds in front of the games, e-talking about the best processor available.
by GraingerIV February 18, 2009

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Aside from the president, this name is commonly know amongst dance punk/electro lovers. All because of Jesse Frederick Keeler, former bassplayer of Death from Above 1979 and currently one of the two DJ's in the DJduo MSTRKRFT.
1#: "Dude, this rocks, what is it?"
2#: "Death from Above 1979..."
1#: "Definitely want to see them perform live"
2#: "Too bad they broke up long ago"
1#: "Why!"
2#: "The bassplayer, JFK, seemed to have serieus arguements with drummer Seb..."
1#: "Too bad..."
by GraingerIV February 18, 2009

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Invaders Must Die!

The Prodigy's single, which was released at november 26th, and will appear on the identical named album 'Invaders Must Die!', which will see the light on februari 23rd
1#: Do you know what the musicvideo was which Noel Clarke starrred in?
2#: The Prodigy's IMD dude!
1#: IM-what?
by GraingerIV February 02, 2009

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The name for underground assassinations, anyone in its path will undergo the three Rs.

The roof, the river or the revolver.
John: I lost the bag
Pete: That bag had a half a million in it, if you don't find that bag it's the three Rs for us; The roof, the river or the revolver!
by GraingerIV April 07, 2009

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