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Allah Janta Hai, pronounce "Allaaahhh Janta Haiii" is an Urdu phrase that means "God knows best" (much like the Arabic alternative, "Allahu Aalim"). It can often be used as a satirical filler when you just don't know what to say, because you just don't know, and need to give an answer. Almost like IDK. ...Also, it can be used very seriously too...
Sami: What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?
Mustafa: AJH.

Ayesha: OMMGG, when will I find out about XYZ?
Riyad: AJH.

Mom: When do your final exams end?
Muhammad: AJH.
by رياض February 26, 2017
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1) Public Relations
2) Personal Record
3) Pull Request (software engineering lingo on Github)
A: My business is just not getting recognition.
B: Have you tried to hire PR?

C: How'd you do at the track meet? Any PRs?
D: Yeah! I PRd on my triple jump : D

E: If you find any issues with my code, feel free to submit a PR!
F: I found an issue. Let me fix the code locally, git add, commit, merge, commit, push, and send the repo maintainer a git pull to request that they merge my improvements with their mainline codebase...
by رياض February 7, 2018
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