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Pretty mother fucker, made famous by Asap Rocky ,, a term used to describe a male who doesnt care what people think, and is very high in fashion. A braggadocios term.
swag , asap, based god, asap mob, PMF
by millztootoogaws June 04, 2012
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Pretty Much Fucked - An expression to someone or a realization by oneself that their situation is beyond hope. A simple statement of fact concerning situation, circumstance or quality.
Dude, you flunked chemistry? Your chances of getting into Harvard are PMF.

I can't believe I called him a prick. Our chances of getting back together are PMF.

You really trashed your car, man. It's definitely PMF.
by tcher2 December 29, 2009
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Palm Meet Forehead- to show the person(s) around you that you know they are doing either the blatantly obvious or that they are the dumber than a box of rocks. PMF is often accompanied by the "doh" sound upon striking the palm on the forehead.
In an obvious situation; My friend stuck his hand in boiling water and said it was, "Hot." The proper response would to PMF

In a dumb situation; My friend got drunk and thought that he was falling off the face of the earth. Show your feelings by PMF
by Fantastic-D April 12, 2011
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PMF- is short for post meal farting.
After a meal my intestinal tract gets wound up and I begin passing gas which I refer to as PMF.
by weasel990 October 06, 2010
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