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PLM (Problematic and Likely to Malfunction) is an acronym used by industry to describe a type of software used by engineers.

This software is complicated and not user friendly. It is constantly having performance issues and corrupting data.
Our PLM system is causing huge problems for our business.
by Acronymist May 13, 2016
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abbreviation for pula mea, a commonly used romanian expression signifying strong admiration, astonishment and/or joy. mostly used in im, and chatrooms by cocalari de mirc.
bob: frate, iar ne-au furat ungurii sacii cu grau
fredici: cum plm!?!?

clor: c parere ai deaustria?
mata: plm frate
by gerfoamea October 25, 2006
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Abbreviation for Pathetic Little Monkey. One who cannot accept the fact that his girlfriend broke up with him and is unwilling to change his facebook profile picture in response to this. Also known as Pitiful Little Man.
Person One: Dude, your girlfriend broke up with you, you need to change your profile picture now.

PLM: No man, I still like her and wanna be with her so I'm not changing it.

Person One: You are a pathetic little monkey.
by PLMs Roommate January 30, 2011
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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is an acronym used in many indutries such as automotive and aerospace.

It is the process of managing the entire production lifecycle from inception, to engineering design, through manufacturing and ultimately service and usage.
General Motors is utililizing PLM software and practices to reduce cost and improve quality.
by Acronymist May 13, 2016
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Pathetic Loser Monger. A whoremonger who falls in love with a prostitute and considers her to be his girlfriend.
If you think that hooker really likes you and is your girlfriend then you really are a PLM.
by Secreto Barato August 08, 2006
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Passionate Love Making Session(s) (pronounced P-L-M-S or plumbs): Periods of time devoted to cuddling or making love. Not necessarily intercourse but any emotional act that involves two partners simultaneously displaying affection for one another. The key in a PLMS is the emotion and/or passion (as per the first word in the acronym).
Hey babe. Wanna come over for a PLMS?

My girlfriend and I had so many PLMS this weekend.

by Taylor Schwab October 19, 2008
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A greeting and goodbye, wishing your friend luck in life for peace, love and marijuana,
Yo, I'll see you tomorrow bro, PLM!
by Dr. Rocker February 28, 2009
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