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abbreviation for pula mea, a commonly used romanian expression signifying strong admiration, astonishment and/or joy. mostly used in im, and chatrooms by cocalari de mirc.
bob: frate, iar ne-au furat ungurii sacii cu grau
fredici: cum plm!?!?

clor: c parere ai deaustria?
mata: plm frate
by gerfoamea October 26, 2006
it's called vinyl you fucking retard.
who let you out of your cage son?
Conor Mc realizes he's a moron by misspelling vinyl.
May the vynil be with you!
by gerfoamea October 25, 2006
romanian expression, used mostly when you're drunk as fuck, or just eating some quality wood
1. corcod: ba frattzie lemnu asta are un gust teribil de fain!
bob: sa moara fapta!

2. kyrali: mi-au furat toata iarba, futu-i in gat de unguri!
csarda: sa-ti moara faptii.
by gerfoamea August 19, 2006
La Mata, on the Costa Blanca in Spain, is an ideal place for a holiday in Spain, without doubt, one of the best beaches in Spain is in La Mata, 50 miles of beautiful beach awaits you.
1. gigel: unde ti-ai petrecut vacanta?
pavel olaru: m-am relaxat la mata, ooooo!

2. daca esti cuminte, saptamana viitoare mergem la mata sa ne trantim.
by gerfoamea August 19, 2006