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PJED - After PvPing someone, someone kills you when you have low health

PJ - Player Jacked
OMFG!!! you little fag! i got PJED!
by Dum Dum743 January 25, 2009
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An expression used when one is piled by a group of noobish enemies, and thus ownt.
Tragic Kid: OMFG!
Noob1: pile this newb!
Noob2: roflcopter! Hes PWNT!
Player1: you fecking neebs! im coming on my main!fecking PJERS!
Noob3: sure! cept we ownt you bch!
Tragic Kid: >.< PJED AGAIN!!!
Noob1: lmfao! this guy is pwnt easy!
Noob3: OMFG! full goblin armour! WOOT!
by LOZZDOGGY August 28, 2008
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