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Word used primarily to describe young men who enjoy sex with old women, usually involving walking sticks, prune juice and lots of lube.
Retired Granny 1: Hey doris did you see that strapping young lad in ward 2.
Retired Granny 2: I sure did. He's such a hanlon street hustler.
Retired Granny 1: Hed be worth staying awake past 5pm for.
Retired Granny 2: OOHH edna you saucy minx!
by LOZZDOGGY August 27, 2008
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An expression used when one is piled by a group of noobish enemies, and thus ownt.
Tragic Kid: OMFG!
Noob1: pile this newb!
Noob2: roflcopter! Hes PWNT!
Player1: you fecking neebs! im coming on my main!fecking PJERS!
Noob3: sure! cept we ownt you bch!
Tragic Kid: >.< PJED AGAIN!!!
Noob1: lmfao! this guy is pwnt easy!
Noob3: OMFG! full goblin armour! WOOT!
by LOZZDOGGY August 28, 2008
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Fungal Infection of the fanny causing swelling and discharge of gaseous cheese. although inextricably disgusting to most, some men are in fact highly aroused by the stank.
Greaser: Aye tony hows ya women?
Tony LeBroni: Aint cool man, that hoe got the fanny fungus.
by LOZZDOGGY August 28, 2008
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Was a pivotal founder of the hyphy movement during the 1980's. Was most noteable for the extensive amounts of black pussy he got during his visits to the hood. In fact during an expedition to south bronx in the summer of 1983 he was quoted as saying "im thoroughly knackered from all this rigorous sexual activity with the natives". He died on the 13th of January 2005, from what can only be described as death by "schnoo schnoo".
Horny Lass: Boy im looking for some action.

Innocent By-Stander: Why it sounds like you need a dose of Dr. Lawrence W. Johnson. He's got a sexual appetite which is yet to be satisfied.
by LOZZDOGGY August 27, 2008
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