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Pimply Faced Youth: A junior administrator/network operator, usually an apprentice or co-op. The PFY or "Pimply-Faced Youth" is the BOFH's apprentice in the Bastard Operator From Hell stories by Simon Travaglia. PFY has become a general term for a junior or trainee system administrator.
I was going to go fix the printer on the fourth floor, but then I realized I didn't care so I sent the PFY.
by SalVeya February 08, 2007
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n. Pimply Faced Youth - wordBOFH wannabe
Damn, that PFY has his nose up the BOFH's crack
by snort April 24, 2003
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Saying "Please Fuck Yourself" in disguise of "Praying for you"
Status on Facebook: Sigh! He still didn't reply my texts!
Comment: PFY
Comment2: Aww, thanks for praying for me!!
by Kibby konvict May 06, 2013
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Short for 'Praying for you'.

Used usually in texting or email to indicate you are praying for someone.
Person 1: Hey, please pray for me I have a big exam tomorrow!

Person 2: For sure! PFY and GBU
by K-rawk November 15, 2010
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What happens when you choke trying to say "pft"
M: Pfy. Pfy. What sound does that make
C: Yo I have no clue. How does one make that noise
by Chaotic1up January 22, 2018
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