Acronym for "post flight dump". Known in the airline industry, the need to take a dump after landing.
Man, I have to get to the men's room for a
by MR. JMA November 08, 2008
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plan for day, as in, what is the plan for today?
what's the pfd? similar to pfn (plan for night)
by doubleu June 10, 2008
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Portable Flame Device

Used by stoners referring to a lighter
guy 1: you dude pass the PFD
Guy 2: HUH?
Guy 1: The portable flame device
guy 3: he wants the lighter
by tommywhite March 16, 2008
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People Falling Down. Abbreviation. Commonly used in texting or Facebook posts.
Text: crazy party bro. pfd everywhere.

Facebook: Funny video! I love PFD!
by PFDlaugher March 26, 2011
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founded by jackie and the six chix, this kick ass word is a take off of PFG(from In Good Company)and means "pretty fuckin(or fricken)dandy"
by cookie March 15, 2005
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Also known as Personality Foaming Dyslexia. Few suffer from such a disorder but those who do suffer from the following symptoms: Anytime they mix up names their stomach will be complexly nervous and begin bubbling. After a good while all water in body will be diverted to mouth at which point the sufferer may start to drool. Many of the opposite sex take offense and think that they may be oogling them for copulation like rabits. Often this may be the exact opposite. In any event the foaming drool excretes an extreme afrodesiac at which point the member of the opposite sex begins making out with them for no apparent reason. The disorder then is passed on through this foaming transfer. Such an incidence is documented by E! channel in such places as night clubs in Spain or Los Angeles.
Jimmy had pfd, all the girls loved him.
by fotodevoto August 11, 2004
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