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An acronym for Post Ejaculation Stroke To Orgasm.

The female partner takes longer to reach orgasm, and requires quite lengthy stimulation before intercourse commences if she is to achieve a climax. If she has not been able to reach a heightened sense of sexual excitement before she is penetrated, her orgasm will only be achieved by clitoral stimulation, which is only possible in certain positions, and by the male partner’s careful control of his own orgasm.

If this is not possible, due to inexperience, incorrect technique or sexual hunger, the male partner, having achieved his own orgasm, should ensure that his partner is satisfied by offering a post ejaculation stroke to orgasm as soon as he has recovered from his own climax. This can be manual or lingual (using the tongue), and a considerate lover will gently insist on continuing his love-making by making it clear that he wants to use his fingers or tongue to stimulate his partner’s clitoris until she reaches her orgasm.
Meghan: “Harry, I love the way you make love to me - you make me feel like the most wanted woman in the World.”

Harry: “You’re the most beautiful lover I could ever dream of - I know you didn’t quite get there that time. I’m going to give you a PESTO you’ll always remember.”

Meghan: “Mmmmm .. stroke me gently just here ... and speed up when I close my eyes and nod ....”

Harry: “Let’s roll ...” ...
by Katie4eyes April 23, 2018
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Money–especially green, paper money–which is the same color as pesto.
"It's pay day, Denny! Time for the boss to put a dollop of pesto into our wallets. Ah, greenbacks!"
by Banknotes Harper May 19, 2016
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In light of the direct italian translation meaning "to pound," to pesto something means to smash in a rather brute sexuall manner.
Bro, Brian pestoed that sloot way back.
by Dick Lyman May 08, 2008
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Pesto means an idiot someone who is stupid
"Isn't he so pesto"
by Ganggangroadman December 21, 2017
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An Italian green spreading that causes diarrhea.
Kid:Mum my tummy hurts so bad! I have diarrhea!
Mum:It's your fault, pesto on your spaghetti yesterday!
Kid:But I like pesto, It's delicious!
by star queen January 23, 2016
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