P.E.S. The male version of the female P.M.S. occuring ((hopefully)) more often though.
P- Pre E- Erection S- Syndrome

Not to be taken lightly.
"Geeze you're in a mood."- Girl
"Sorry. It's P.E.S." -Boy

"What's up with him? He's majorly P.E.S.ing."

"Wow. He hasn't suffered from P.E.S. in a while..."
by trio December 16, 2004
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Poor guy, usually asks for money and never pays it back. Normally irritating and does not return the favour. Usually stares at food and puts on a sad face so his friends feel sorry for him.
Orr that Mike is a bad Pes, he kept mivering me for money for some doughnuts or something!
by Mr Mysterious John March 15, 2013
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n- Abbr. Post Ejaculation Syndrome
The inability to be sexually aroused by women, or any sexual stimulus, immediately following ejaculation. Symptoms usually last 5-10 minutes.
Fillip: Check out tha buns on dat hoe! Dontcha just wanna take a bite?

Pete: Ugh, naw man. I got PES

Fillip: Yo Doug, das nasty. Yo gotsta wash yo hands, boi!
by BiddyBizz July 23, 2008
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Like PMS, Pre Menstral Syndrome, Instead, Pre Eating Syndrome. When you are in a shitty mood because you havent eaten for too long. As a woman is in a bad mood when she has PMS because she hasnt had her period in too long.

Same thing as the word Hangry.
David: "Hey Ryan! Think fast!!! (Throws a football at Ryan's head.)

Ryan: "Fuck you!!!"

David: "Whats wrong with you?"

Ryan: "I have PES dude. I havent eaten all day. lets go get somethin to eat"
by Rosco Avery March 05, 2011
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PES stands for Phonetics and English speaking, an insanely useless class that is a must take for any student wishing to rot his/her way to glory because of the induced boredom, in a well known institute in western india.
Pronunciation: like 'Piss' ( At least it _should_ be like that)
feeling after attending the class: Like Piss; disgusting, but a feeling of relief after its over.

I have to go for (a) PES
by GDyouknowho March 07, 2009
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