Pel is an ancient Greek word referring to a man whom has mangina, otherwise in more common terms a man with a vagina. People with these names are often excluded from social groups.
OMG!! that guys a pel, hes got a mangina
by DonkeySmash November 18, 2010
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Not Bengali but a Sylheti, dialectic, slang for the male penus
Mukur modde pel dukai ditam ni

Should I insert my penis into your mouth?
by gournath April 14, 2006
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Let’s say Pel is a name and not Pussy eating lips. A girl with Curly hair and Hazel eyes. Thicc with curves, big boobs big ass, bigger than yours. Her thighs is so big that her family calls her fat. She’s sexy and beautiful! She’s smart with a dumb mouth. She can fuck like a pornstar. She has Dick sucking lips. If you know a Pel, keep her if you want to live your best moments and get fucked in a way you’ll never forget
Boy 1: Wow who’s that? look at her ass!
Boy 2: Her name is Pel
by Lilghostii October 29, 2019
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