Hey toss me a couple cans of pbr. I'm gonna prefunk a little before this party.
by Steve Martin2 October 22, 2007
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I horrible beer that makes you feel like you drank an entire loaf of bread so you go home with some skank with genital warts and do her in the booty.
damnit, these cheap kids only have PBR, I hate that shit.
by Furious D April 04, 2004
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Personal Bong Rip. A small pinch of cannabis packed into a bong so that each smoker in a circle can take his/her own hit, instead of packing a gigantic bowl and giving the ashy, disgusting end of the bowl to one unlucky person.
"Pack PBRs so that everyone can get greens"
by GimmeGreens September 15, 2006
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a paintball site which is filled by many idiots who think spyders are godly, and drops are the shit.
Omg my spyder is sooo fucking ownage, it's got a ballistics drop forward, and I hate agg.
by Pseudonym October 25, 2004
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When your drinking PBR all night and let out one hell of a belch
Karl: You hear that burp?
Pete: Yea! I believe that was the PBR push!
by StapleSnail March 30, 2018
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When somebody chooses a brand based on its obscurity.
"Why do so many hipsters wear NuBalances? My grand dad wears those!"

"It's the PBR Effect."
by mickeytherat June 26, 2009
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Guy1:That is one hot LBFM PBR!
Guy2: PBR?
Guy1: Powered by rice baby!
by erb1er August 10, 2007
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