When you mix crack and weed in a joint. Similar to Sherm but way more thug.
Lets roll up a P dog after class and fuck up the teachers car.
by Dirk The Dirty March 16, 2006
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a p-dog is a combination of crack and marijuanna (pot,grass,weed,bud,sticky icky,sativa,cannibis)
Brandon: "Dude that was one bomb ass p dog"
Danny: "yeah i know"
by AtlasDictionary November 22, 2007
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a large bottle of Purell or other high alcohol content hand sanitizer boiled down and mixed with a 2L bottle of 7 Up.
yo i'm drinkin p dog cuz that lean shit for pussies...
by RedEyz January 11, 2016
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A Stinky bastard, fucking hench though. Has got a dog called Ben.
Oi, P Dog Fucking STINKS!!
by ilovefortnite123 February 26, 2023
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This is when an individual, typically male, thinks they have a chance with another individual, typically female, so he follows her around like a lost puppy dog thinking that he will get some, when in fact he is merely cock blocking another individual from getting any.
Man, I've been trying to get some from ol girl but that dude has been p-dogging her all damn day.
by andrew972 February 11, 2008
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