Ozuna, usually a Caribbean-born cutie. He most likely has light-brown skin, nice eyes and probably of Latin and African heritage. Soft and beautiful voice. May seem innocent at times but in bed, he knows how to get wild and how to make a girls night. He is

loved by many people.

Speaks sexy Spanish yet very little English. He may also have a lot of hidden talents and is also a down-to-Earth kind of guy, the guy that every girl wants.
You know that Puerto Rican/Dominican/Cuban cutie?!

Who do you mean Ozuna?
by Kalall April 1, 2019
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A name for female, Meaning is artistic, beautiful, coincided about her Neck, dress attire never on fleek
Aaliyah's beauty is outstanding to other female turkeys she is a role model to young turkeys
Aaliyah Ozuna being the best there was
by Aaliyah Ozuna October 18, 2023
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Ozuna's Girlfriend is a Chatah Queen he got traditionally married to.

In Chatah, A traditional marriage makes the relationship formal and publicly acceptable.

Only the public wedding which is sometimes called indian wedding or Church wedding which the participants are hereafter known as Husband and Wife is legal in relations to legal system of the American system - one can't have more than one woman or man for a marriage relationship.
Her name is Ozuna Jackson Monilium publicly known as Hottie.
Ozuna's Girlfriend is Hottie.
Ozuna's Girlfriend is a Queen.
Ozuna's Girlfriend will soon be his wife.
by Jackson Monilium December 27, 2022
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Ozuna has no wife or have never been married. He only made a publicity drama with a certain woman who he also tagged as his wife on his internet web.
Ozuna's Wife is beautiful.
Ozuna's Wife is coming.
Ozuna's Wife is cooking.
by Jackson Monilium December 27, 2022
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