Oyu is a Mongolian girl name from the gemstone of the same name. Which means turquoise in English
It’s Oyu. She is crazy
by Xsbmku September 7, 2021
An innocent Japanese person you accidentally talk about every time you misspell "you."
Danny: I think oyu should learn how to play guitar.

Joey: He'll be the first famous Japanese guitar player.

Danny: And if you learn too, you guys can start a band.
by IAreDannyMoMo November 30, 2009
A common typographical error when trying to spell "you".
Hey man, how oyu doing?
by mercuryswitch November 19, 2004
Shortened for "oh yus", which in theory, means "oh yes".
Random2: Oyus. ;D
by Hacoon August 23, 2008
Oyu is a term coined in the late 16th century referring to the use of plants for sexual stimulation, such as a pine cone in the ass or zucchini in the pussy. Oyu is very pleasurable and reached the height of its popularity in the mid 1700's across Europe. Oyu tends to cause odd secretions and unhealthy dieting by its participants. Oyu is used by natives to cleanse and stimulate the worshiped "asshole" also known as the butthole.
My wife won't fuck me anymore because she is constantly performing oyu with a pickle.
by TheSauce July 12, 2006
A misspell of the word "fuck you". Fuck is not misspelled but the you is.
Guy 1: Fuck oyu!
Guy 2: Don't you mean "Fuck you"?
Guy 2: Go to spelling school.
A very hot Vid Game Character in Onimusha 2.
Oyu pwnz you!!!
by -Z- August 8, 2003