Demeaning description of a human, who is of no use or benefit for our planet and/or society. As do all humans during their lifetime, he/she will always use oxygen to survive, but because of the nature of the human, they will never use this resource in a constructive, positive, or useful manner. Therefore they are deemed as stealing oxygen from earth’s atmosphere, i.e an Oxygen Bandit. Can be used in similar fashion as: scum , pathetic , loser
"Your brother is the biggest loser I know, I he's defiantly a oxygen bandit"

" i dont want any cheap smack you oxygen bandit!"
by Alex V November 11, 2004
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senior and/or other individuals seen pulling around tanks of oxygen to aid in respiration
by fagbot December 11, 2004
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Someone who is just so idiotic they don't deserve our precious air.
Why do you even exist you oxygen bandit?
by mien kamf July 12, 2015
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When someone’s nose is so Gigantic they steal all the oxygen in the world
Dbi ur litch a oxygen bandit why u speaking”
by Lollldbi May 29, 2022
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