To affect deeply or completely, as with emotion.
Fan: I'm your biggest fan! I love all of your books! Ohmigosh Here I knitted a sweater just for you!
Author: I..don't know what to say, I'm overwhelmed..t-thank you! *blushes and puts on sweater immediatly*
by Rebanex May 4, 2008
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to exist in such great amounts that someone or something cannot deal with them.

"In June the town is overwhelmed by tourists."

very intense
by Alexander Tabalipa May 12, 2009
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A mixture of depression and stress. You feel like you want to cry because you have so much that is on your mind.
I'm so overwhelmed. I have so much on my mind.
by asdrftg June 2, 2009
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when youve had no sleep and you have entirely too much work to do and theres no way you can pass college with anything over a 2.0 without staying up for weeks at a time. that is overwhelmation my friends
i am in a state of overwhelmation due to a constant bombardment of stress balls.
by eba weba December 29, 2004
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The cheat in Starcraft and the Starcraft: Brood war expansion that makes you invincible.
Dude! Your marines aren't dying against those zealots!
Duh! I used 'power overwhelming'.
by SCfanatic March 9, 2011
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