(Overtaking): The act of passing slower vehicles for sexual pleasures.
Jimmie loves overtaking slower cars after work.
by Knuckledragger413 December 29, 2022
to catch up with and pass, as in a race; move by
It is about to overtake Twitter in the number of daily active users
by gunerx July 19, 2016
to overtake a vehicle that is overtaking some other vehicle; to overtake an overtaking vehicle.
Do not double-overtake that vehicle; it is perilous.
by uttam maharjan November 30, 2010
A Fortnite skin concept of a lady with pink hair and key necklace. Many don’t know what the key is for, but some assume it’s the key to Purple Remedy’s heart.
Bro have you seen the Onslaught Overtaker skin concept?

Yeah man it’s my favorite!
by Gingy21 February 7, 2021