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To be overly hardcore, that is, an individual whose is ridiculously extreme and over-the-top in everything they do. Their excessively intense mannerisms and personality manage to piss off anyone within the general area of this person.
"That guy is doing push-ups to impress those girls he met just 5 minutes ago, and he's totally creeping them out."
"Talk about being overcore."
by @21timeForMoreFun July 19, 2008
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To be HardCore to an uneccesary level. One has reached Overcore when one is easily ridiculed by normal people within a scene. Usually indicated by an excess of flames, skulls, muscles, tribal tattoos or yelling of "WOoOOO!"
Origin: Created by Todd and Dave while out one night discussing certain mountain bikers.
"Whoah...The guy with the flames on his helmet, bike, gloves and shoes wearing the no fear shirt is definetley Overcore."
"The guy at the guy at the back of the bar with the huge lats yelling WOOOoooOO every 30sec is getting a little Overcore"
by The D.O.D February 05, 2007
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Someone who is overly extreme in anything and everything they do. Their over-the-top antics and excessive intensity manage to piss off everyone within this person's radius.
Dude did you see that guy at the party doing push-ups to act hard and impress girls?

Yeah that guy was totally overcore.
by cool down July 10, 2008
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