To get over a person, you need to get under one.
"Man, you're still not over your ex?"
"Yea so"
"Well you need to get over and under."
by Thisisbliss October 07, 2009
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This is a technique in self defense where when a girl try’s to kiss you after the first date one body slams the offender and jumps over the person flipping them off in the process
Doctor: how’d this happen
Girl: my date body slammed me and flipped me off
Doctor: ahhhh the old Over and Under technique
by The Metal Guy November 19, 2019
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"To us, the title Over The Under means we’re over all the negative stuff, we want to move forward."
-- Kirk Windenstein
by Valamarth May 17, 2009
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A crude sexually pleasuring move that you can get cheap where the said prostitute doesn't actually have to touch your genatalia
I got the best over and under in Melbourne and i didn't get a disease.
I just closed my eyes and she gave me the best under and over ever.
by filthy finny June 03, 2009
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if your don't want to touch the person you are stuck sleeping with and there is two blankets and one bed. One person goes under one blanket and the other goes on top of the blanket next to the other person with a blanket over themselves. Super safe way to ensure no funny business in the sack.
Straight person 1: Well, were stuck sleeping on the cot again.
Straight person 2: At least theres two blankets so we can over-under.
by jimboneslamboni December 18, 2011
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Fingering a girl thru her pants and/or underwear
She wasn't letting me get in there, although I got a green light on the over-under so it kept me interested...
by slicktessant June 21, 2018
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