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An invented reason/excuse to prevent oneself from having to attend a particularly mundane event.
matilda: will you be partying on down to gertrude's free house tonight?
audrinette: nahh, it's gonna be a piece of shit
matilda: no way!! get me an outvite, quick!!
by Kate&Casey June 04, 2008
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When one has been invited to an event, accepted the invitation and prepared to go to an event, but then is told they are no longer invited.

The outvite is best performed at the last minute (i.e. when the person being outvited is already dressed for the event)

Note: the outvite is not to be used on people you wish to remain on speaking terms with.
Hey mate you know how I said you could come to this awesome party at my girlfriends place this weekend? Im sorry but you can't come anymore, because your ex girlfriends coming and it would be too awkard... so you're kinda outvited.
by Sir Pups-alot May 22, 2010
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