A game originating at the University of Washington, the objective of which is to hit food out of an unsuspecting persons hands while simultaneously yelling "Outta Here!"

The harder the food is hit the better, and having it stick to the wall is encouraged.

Note: it is possible to be playing and not know it until it is too late.
I outta here!-ed him so bad yesterday, there was spagetti everywhere.
by TonkoTruck January 7, 2010
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Outta here. (outt-uh here)

command verb.

1. of being told to fade away from existence and or a situation temporarily or permanently, commonly refferencing other things or individuals aswell, in said mix.

2. in total eradication.
1. “come at me bro im right here!” “outta here with that, honestly, you look like a joke.”

2. “let me help move this right over...” “nope. nope. outta here, im doing this myself boy.”

3. “if you think that your gonna come in here with that your funny... outta here with it.”
by gavfact June 27, 2019
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=I'm going out from here.
Hey pals, I'm outta here, Peace out y'all!
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
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What has been said isn't true; Bullshit
Rayray: Bitch, i aint the one that got you pregnant .
Bonquisha: fuck outta here rayray , you know you the daddie.
by la la love <3 November 3, 2008
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It means "get out of here !" or I don't believe you, you are kidding me !
Man : I can crack my nose!
Woman: Get outta here! "means I don't believe you!"
Man 2: You are not so funny!
Woman 2: Get outta here! "means leave this place, I don't like you!"
by Al Fata Al Tayer September 22, 2015
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a response when someones says something that is not true
mary says: that guy is cute (when hes not)
you say: fuck outta here
by tweety23 October 19, 2007
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