Regions, usually mountainous, outside the normal "civilized" suburban, urban, or even rural farming locations, where law and police are scarce, and the denizens are considered poor and a bit dangerous, yet self sufficient.
"Rumors of cannibalism in the outlands, although not proven, kept Joshua from straying too far into the woods."
by Scortch Dearth March 3, 2012
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A phrase commonly used when talking about World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusades area content know as Outland. The word 'The' and the letter 's' were added for no particular reason and bugs the crap out of most people.
Me: Where'd you get those boots?

Stupid: The Outlands.

Me: *Strangles Stupid*
by Valcanon June 20, 2008
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Outlander is a television drama series based on the historical time travel Outlander series of novels by Diana Gabaldon.

It stars Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a married World War II nurse who in 1945 finds herself transported back to the Scotland of 1743, where she encounters the dashing Highland warrior Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and becomes embroiled in the Jacobite risings.

Outlander stands ahead of even Game Of Thrones. GOT has all its charms and is completely on a different level, agreed. But the shock value is too intense to actually feel the tragedy of the characters after a point. But with Outlander! You're happy when the characters are happy, nervous when they are, tensed with them, sad with them and crying and laughing and cheering with them! You feel the highs and lows of emotions that Outlander offers. Diana Gabaldon has gifted the world with her story of Jamie and Claire! Forever thankful to her. Love💜
Outlander is the best TV series ever made.
by PalakM.0091 June 2, 2018
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Any individual who does not belong in a social setting; an intruder; an interloper. Popularized by Malachai from "Children of the Corn".
Friend 1: "Hey, who is that dude?"

Friend 2: "Must be an outlander, man, I've never seen him."
by J3553 November 6, 2007
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In the video game, Morrowind, an outlander is a person from outside of Morrowind. These outsiders are treated with prejudice. In Morrowind, you play an outlander.
A quote from urban dictionary's definition of the word "guar" (a creature in Morrowind) "Outlander sadle up the guar!"
by Anthony Ramirez November 22, 2007
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1 a sexy beast who cannot be stopped once he is on a rampage.
2 the top and uppermost level of gaming possible.
that dude is an outlander no-one can stop him
by Kian Richardson April 19, 2006
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Friend 1: wow, look at that creep... that's one outlandish outlander.

Friend 2: Yeah.. to be an outlander is one thing, but to be an outlandish outlander.... completely different.
by jj_mcdougal February 1, 2009
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