One of the many names of Pewdiepie's loyal army. A member of Floor Gang is required to use the floor to its fullest capabilities. These capabilities include but are not limited to, eating on the floor, sleeping on the floor, and gaming on the floor. Any contact with the ceiling or Ceiling Gang with result in the immediate permanent exile from Floor Gang.

by uuuuuzi May 11, 2020
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Best Gang their is,

only for tambourine
and yo-yo masters.

Floor Gang consists of Pewdiepie,

Elon Musk, Marques Brownlee, Diogenese, etc.

If you ceiling gang you cringe.

Unsubscribe to Pewdiepie if you're celing gang.
Dave: "Floor Gang!"
Jack: "What are you saying?"
Dave: "Wha- You're Ceiling Gang?Cringe." *spits*
by Floor Gang Member May 5, 2020
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A gang created by Pewds, and ceiling gang is our enemy.
I'm floor gang, heard that that guy there is ceiling gang. CRINGE
by Smolpp21 May 3, 2020
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The most feared gang with their strong leader pewdiepie. Do not mess with them.
by Maru_FK April 14, 2020
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AKA Carpet Crew. Group of highly motivated Skilled Laborers with a constant rivalry against Ceiling Gang AKA Riggers.
Usually drawn from the same pool of experienced workers hence the rivalry.
OG: ” Man I’m down here sweatin’ this 150’er and those Bums in Buckets are looking down on us!
AP3: Yeah and they gettin’ ”High Time” too!
OG: I want that 10%
AP3: Phukin’ Ceiling Gang!!
Chompin’ at the bit yo get back to work!
Tradeshow workes.
Lead Person: Alright ’Floor Gang’ partner up and start with the 150’ aisle carpets. Front to Back, Low to High #’s.

OG: Where’s the Tape?
by badear_brian April 22, 2020
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Floor gang is a counter-terrorist force that foils the many war crime attempts of the terrorist group: Wall Gang. It is said that during the wall gang raids they repeat a distinct chant, and instead of a bugle boy, they have a tambourine guy.
Floor Gang whoop, Floor Gang whoop, the member continued to chant
by Reggie from Nintendo May 13, 2020
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The best gang, ceiling gang is our enemy

(Joke created by PewDiePie)
by JustA19YearOld April 19, 2020
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