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A large high school located in the city of Osseo, Minnesota. Osseo Senior High claims itself to be a "simulation of the real world" with its diverse student population, but it's nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen.

The school is filled with ghetto ass black kids who get into fights over muffins and orange juice in math classrooms before first period, and wannabe black kids getting into fights over carrots at lunch, causing the whole school to attend a stupid assemly. 40% of the girls that do not fall into the above categories are whores and will go nowhere. The rest of the school is composed of hicks, cracked out townies, a few rich kids from Plymouth, emo kids, and there are a few nice and intellegent students, but you will need to venture into the AP and HP classes to find these rare but charming oddities.

The new motto of Osseo Senior High is "We teach Students to Learn," and it's definitely true because the teachers do absolutely no teaching and that responsibility is completely up to the students. Some of the teachers in the school are complete morons.
For Example:
Mrs Roskens: Okay class, go back into the lab and meayyyzure the change in mass
Andy: Mrs. Roskens, what unit do you want us to use?
Mrs. Roskens: Yes.
Andy: God dammit

Osseo Senior High is a big school, and the administrators decided that it'd be funny to chop a minute off between classes and eiminate the warning bell. During the final minute of passing time, the administrators are all lined up around the school with their stopwatches yelling "hustle! hustle!" as kids sprint for their dear lives. You'd think you were at a freakin track meet. These days, if a student is ever late to class, they get completely tormented with green community service notification slips until they stay after school and scrape gum off of desks for a few hours. Half the time the slips come for no reason, and the kids serve the community service anyways bcause they don't want to argue with the faculty.
For example:
Samantha: Mrs. Zubich, I got a community service slip that said I was late to your class yesterday, but I really wasn't...
Mrs. Zubich: Yes you were. Go sit down.
Samantha: No i wasn't!!! Even ask Jarod and Chris!!!
Mrs. Zubich: OK Class, let's get started
Samantha: Damnitt! I'm not gonna argue with these people. I'll just serve it. This is sooooo lame and unfair.

At Osseo Senior High there are many fights. On April 23rd 2009, there was a violent brawl during "A" lunch that resulted in innocent people getting suspended, and a massive increase in administrator action for te rest of the year. I felt like I was in Detroit. If there's ever talk of a food fight or the like, the cafeteria becomes flooded with adults standing eagerly with their walkie-talkies.

School Spirit has gone way downhill, and even though the class of 2010 shows potential of restoring it, it's doubtful that they will succeed.

The school is basically run by this huge Black dude who jumps fences and scares the hell out of everyone.

So basically, Osseo Senior High is horrible and you should avoid at all costs. Go to PCSH or MGSH any day.
Jimmy: Hey dude, I can't wait to go to MGSH next year!

Tim: Dude, you're so lucky. I'm going to Osseo Senior High.

Jimmy: Wow dude I'm sorry.
by DarkRealm June 30, 2009
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A high school on the Fringe of Minneapolis. This school has every kind of kid you can think of, and when their differences clash, Osseo is defined.

First, there are the ghetto kids from BP/BC who come to school every day "wit der swag on" and find it neccesary to walk .0000001 mph down the hall while yelling ebonics incossently across the commons, annoying the hell out of everyone.

In contrast, there are also the yuppie perfect poster children from Plymouth, who simply do not belong at Osseo. They live in Trojan Territory and should be at Wayzata High school rather than driving 30 minutes every morning to further infect Osseo with more STD's and fill the parking lot with their Lexuses and BMW's.

Many kids from Corcoran also attend Osseo, but they are so stoned all the time that it's merely impossible to classify them.

Firthermore, regular kids from MG/Champlin/Osseo attend the school, and they act as a defense line so that the Plymouth Kids and BP kids don't brawl.

Osseo students are EXCELLENT cheaters and the teachers are so oblivious. This is especially true in HP Physics and AP English classes.

Everybody is welcome to come to Osseo, but the real question is: is Osseo welcome in your life?
Tyler: Why are there a bunch of black kids standing around that BMW?

Jeff: Oh, they're about to jack it up because they're from BP and can't afford such a car.

Tyler: How rude!

Jeff: Well this IS Osseo Senior High.

Black kid: Wat u jus say bout mah? I finna call up treshauna and latreeshia to get ur asses over if ya tell dem we're effin wit dis car, u got it?

Tyler/Jeff: ......
by RamenCopter August 13, 2010
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