1: The name for the greatest guy in the world. He is funny, romantic, flirty, enthusiastic, wonderful, amazing, etc. He is the perfect guy to have in your life. He is the greatest guy you'll ever meet. He's also smart and strong. His eyes are just beautiful, his smile, captivating, and his heart just lights the darkest, coldest souls and fills them with happiness. He is the reason why I found the reason to love again.

2: Another name for Perfection.

3: God's most wonderful gift to this planet.
If there's one thing for certain in this world of confusion, it's that Oshea is everything to me.
by Until_I_Fall April 13, 2013
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Awesome Amazing Athlete That Can Play Any Sport And Be The Best At It Except For Baseball Cause Baseball Sucks A Lot
Oshea Is Randash At Basketball
by gfjsdghksg February 28, 2008
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Being as prideful as one can be. Always gaslighting friends and making sure they know he’s superior.
Bro you are being an oshea right now. Chill out.
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Greatness or one who has alot of mana. A giant among men.
That mans oshea like.
by Greg Stead September 11, 2006
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the most goated nigga of all time. addicted to drugs though. also a die hard playboi carti fan because why not nigga. tweaks of weed aswell. main rivalry is with tyreese green, another goated nigga.
that nigga oshea andre kelly loves weed for reall
by BKS MASTER September 15, 2022
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Rudest Lucas on earth. He has a 75% chance of getting expelled in a school.
Gosh he's rude i hate him so much. Lucas Oshea hates me probably
by Guccibugatti December 21, 2019
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