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The Water-type starter Pokémon for the Unova region in the 2010/2011 Nintendo DS video games Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, as well as the 2012 sequels to those games.

It is a small, blue-and-white Sea Otter Pokémon with a detachable scallop on its chest (called a "Scalchop") that is made of keratin (the same stuff that is found in hair and nails) and is used as a sword. Its name may be a combination of ocean, shell, water, and otter, as well a reference to the Canadian city of Oshawa.

It was the least popular of the Unova Starters when it was first revealed, well behind that of Snivy and Tepig, and it was initially seen as a bastard child of a Piplup and a Bidoof. It was also given the rather unimaginative fan nickname "Wotter" before it received its official International/English name. However, it gained better reception after its evolutions Dewott and Samurott were revealed and gained further popularity after Pokémon Black and White were released.
Don't you dare screw with Oshawott, or it will screw you up your ass with that freakin' sword-shell of his!
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One of the starting pokemon in Black/White Versions, officially named as the most stalkerish pokemon and it is constantly compared to mudkip, another starter pokemon. Oshawott is a water type and evolves into Dewott and eventually Samurott.
Dude, some small shadow keeps following me, I think its an Oshawott.
by jplagueman March 25, 2011
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