One of four consortiums in Hwa Chong Institution, better than all the rest consortiums at languages, mostly China People. Symbol of consortium looks like an E, and often put GA in front. Often pronounced as otters, people think they are mermaids of Hwa Chong Instituition
This asshole must be from ortus, no wonder he so GAE
by Yang rui shu gfkl March 26, 2021
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One of the consortiums in Hwa Chong Institution. Have an advantage in Chinese language. Most of the people are quite friendly but some are kinda childish.
John: When can that Ortus kid grow up? Even if he's good at Chinese, he need to be more mature
by randomstudent123 March 25, 2021
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“You remember nick ORTU, yea he was a bitch
by Johnmarttom March 17, 2019
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