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A weird social boy who tries to associate other people and known for giving close friends title he is bold keeps things💯wit people works hard for what he wants never gives up hates fake people creates his own style and always keeps his head up
I wish I was a good friend like ortez is and always is
by Lilkingort March 30, 2018
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Ortez is a great boyfriend great in bed and a great kisser and if u feel sad he will always find a way to my u feel better he is loving good looking and sometimes annoying or irritating but is always there for you
(Girl 1) I wish Ortez was my boyfriend
(Girl 2) Don't we all he's all ways there for u when u need him
by Tiffanybitch July 21, 2018
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Ortez is basically one of the rarest names in the world, if you find a person with the name ortez you should be friends with him, because he’s hopefully an amazing person, and he’s carful. And if you’re a girl you should definitely date him, because he’s surely going to be the best boyfriend by loving you, caring for you, and pleasuring you by doing anything you want 😉
Kory:Ortez is on of the best friend I’ve ever had, he is the most helpful friend I have.

Bella: And he’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had, plus he’s the best in bed.... He goes deep in every time.
by Lil guy hi February 16, 2019
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A really smart girl who is funny,Crazy, Weird, Outgoing, Loud and caring. She is always there for her friends and tells them the truth. She put bitches in there place and stands up for her friends. She looks at guys and adores them, When she in a relationship she stays loyal to that guy.
Ortezs is a really smart girl.
by Babyface Bestie Savage😎 September 24, 2019
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