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Orie, is the kinda old fashioned awesome person you will ever meet. He is a genuine person and he will do a lot for someone he cares about. Orie is a family kinda person who will put them before his own needs. He always speaks his mind and isn't afraid to question things. He is a hard worker and loves to work. If you are ever lucky enough to meet an Orie tell him how much he means to you because Orie's only come once in a lifetime. He is truthful and compassionate and helps where ever he can. Orie is amazing he is smart and strong and also strong minded.
Orie is an amazing friend!
Orie is the kindest person; however, he is very smart.
by ___BlackCanary___ July 18, 2017
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The Term Orie is used to descrive ones orofice.
"Ryan certainly does dom Jims Orries"
by Ryan Meotti January 24, 2005
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