Orange Grove is a Small Ass town about 20 miles from Corpus Christi. There isn’t shit to do here except gossip about who the fuck is selling drugs. If you live here you parents probably did too, for whatever reason they don’t want to leave. Now this place has a shitty ass Dariy Queen that all your high school buddy’s have probably worked at and two other Mexican restaurants. One is a shit and the other is overpriced and pretty much for white people @ Milpas. If you have a secret, it’s not one EVERYONE KNOWS FUCKING EVERYTHING!!!
“I hate this fucking place...”
“ You talking about Orange Grove?”
by GorifiedCivil November 09, 2018
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Small, almost non-existent town in south Texas about 20 miles east of Corpus Christi, population somewhere around 1200.... yes, thats twelve hundred.
You wanna go to the beach and get out of Orange Grove for a while???
by DEllett June 18, 2008
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