You watch a single Not Just Bikes video, before you binge the entire channel. Your eyes open to the problems that car dependent cities and infrastructure cause. Once you start chatting to your friends and family about urban planning and how everything you see can be better, you have been orange pilled.
"Shoot man, I just watched a NJB video and idk, I think I've been Orange pilled"
by Daniboiiiiii December 3, 2021
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Coined by the YouTube channel Not Just Bikes, taking the orange pill means realizing that car dependency is a major issue for all cities and that we should focus on walkability along with transit. This could also extend to realizing that suburbia is just as terrible.
Person 1: Why do you keep rambling about how bad cars are? How are we supposed to get around?

Person 2: Walkability and transit, my friend. You need to take the orange pill.
by polishedrelish March 18, 2023
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When you open somebody’s eyes to the realities that they are fucking idiots for not investing in bitcoin.
I orange pilled some friends at a barbecue last night and they realized they are going to continue to have fun staying poor.
by The Richard April 10, 2021
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"Taking the Orange Pill" is when a person has become aware of the existence of Bitcoin, and then spends countless hours trying to disprove the Bitcoin thesis.

Once a person has exhausted all arguments and finally accepts the conclusion that Bitcoin will inevitably be the next Global Reserve Asset, they are said to have been Orange Pilled.

The Orange Pill is a reference to the Movie The Matrix, when Neo becomes aware his reality is not as it appears. Neo is offered a choice between the Blue Pill, that will return him home to blissful ignorance, or taking the Red Pill, that will open his eyes to the truth and take him further down the rabbit hole. The color Orange is a reference to the orange color of the Bitcoin Logo.
Once Jordan Peterson was Orange Pilled I knew it was just a matter of time...
by TDUD1522 March 18, 2022
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Once you exhaust all your arguments and finally accept that Bitcoin will become the world's financial reserve asset, you are said to have taken the Orange Pill. A spin reference on the Red Pill/Blue Pill from the Matrix.
Once I took the Orange Pill my entire world view become more truthful and honest...
by HODL4EVER March 22, 2022
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Being convinced by your friend that Bitcoin is the future of currency. You become Orange pilled when you believe your crypto friend and feel you're missing out on this great technology so you then invest large sums into Bitcoin and lose it all
"I was orange pilled by my friend so I invested my savings into Bitcoin because it's the future, I now live in a van #vanlife"
by Insaniac82 November 17, 2022
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Once you've finally run out of arguments against Bitcoin and begrudgingly accept that it will become the world's reserve financial asset.
I took me 2 bull cycles to finally take the orange pill, I thought for sure Bitcoiners were just zealous lunatics...
by 4carrot March 28, 2022
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